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Young People's Sport Conference in Shetland

Young People / Sport and physical activity
The Young People's Sport Conference took place in Lerwick in Shetland on 12-13 April 2014.

Find out all about the conference by watching this video made by Young People's Sport Panel members about their time in Shetland.

sportscotland and Young Scot Sport Panel member Katie Clucas from East Dunbartonshire said:

"As a member of sportscotland and Young Scot Young People's Sport Panel I was really excited about the opportunity to attend the Shetland Young People's Sports Conference along with three fellow panel members. We were giving a greater insight into sport in a rural community and have all been completely inspired by the enthusiasm, passion and commitment present within sport in Shetland.

"The leaders and coaches highlighted the fantastic work that takes place and it was fantastic to see the young people trying out different sports over the weekend and talking about joining the local clubs, what a great legacy of the event.

"We have all seen first hand just how important sport is within Shetland and will certainly be sharing this experience. We would like to congratulate the Young Scot Youth Legacy Ambassadors from Shetland for the invitation and for being able to provide this opportunity to so many young people in their community."

sportscotland and Young Scot Sport Panel member Chris Sellar from Edinburgh said:

"It was a great experience to travel to Shetland and contribute to the Young People’s Sports Conference. The event went really well and seemed to engage and inspire a number of young people.

"It was important for the Young People’s Sort Panel to experience sport in a rural community, appreciating both the benefits and challenges this brings.

"It was also very rewarding sharing with the Shetland community our journey as young leaders and the activity the panel have been involved with over the last two years."