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Supporting Scottish workplaces to get active

Carl Greenwood, Development Officer, Paths For All

Carl Greenwood of Paths for All explains the team challenge that gets people walking for healthier and happier workplaces

The Step Count Challenge encourages teams of five to get active and walk more as part of their daily working lives. We have been running the challenge for five years now and in that time over 10,000 people have taken part. Together we have counted more than six and a half billion steps, which equates to more than three and half million miles.

The challenge lasts for eight weeks and participants log their steps on the challenge website where we provide goal setting, virtual rewards and they can keep up to date with their team’s progress. We also hold regular walking related competitions and share stories on our blog to keep everyone motivated.

We really want the Step Count Challenge to make a difference to people’s health. As part of recent research by Edinburgh University, Step Count participants’ physical activity levels were monitored before and after last year’s challenge, finding those taking part walked over one and half hours more and sat for six hours less each week.

Regular physical activity reduces the risk of heart disease by half and lowers the risk of strokes, some cancers, type two diabetes and depression. There are positives for business too as active workforces have reduced sickness absence, as well as increased productivity and improved team morale. 

The Step Count Challenge starts on 16 March.