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Supporting Business Contracts

Fergus Ewing, Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism

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Glasgow 2014 not only offers a wealth of opportunities for sport lovers, but also for Scottish business and the economy.

Businesses have several reasons to enjoy Glasgow 2014 as demonstrated when I met with staff from four organisations who have recently secured contracts to deliver key services for the Commonwealth Games.

An impressive £1 million worth of Supported Business Contracts have been awarded supporting the business legacy that is being strengthened by Scotland hosting the Games. Glasgow 2014 has awarded five Games-related contracts to four Scottish-supported businesses. Meeting the workforce and seeing their skills in operation today is evident of the lasting physical, social and economic benefits which the Games brings to the people of Scotland.

These Supported Business Contracts open up many opportunities for local companies, with over 82% of Games related contracts being secured by Scottish companies - showcasing just how Scotland’s workforce can compete on the world stage. I hope these prospects extend beyond the Commonwealth Games and I wish all the successful contract winners every success with their efforts.

I was very pleased to meet staff at Glasgow-based RSBi who are providing a logistics workforce for the Athlete’s Village, as well as producing curtains for use at the Games. The contract is extremely valuable in many ways as this manufacturing company is one of the largest supported employment facilities in Europe in helping people with a disability access and stay in long-term employment.

Further organisations who have won contracts are Dundee based Dovetail, who are providing 7,500 mattress protectors and Stirling’s Haven PTS, who are supplying a staggering 17,000 laundry bags for the Athlete’s Village.

View our short video on my visit to RSBi in Springburn.

In addition, NL Industries will distribute batonbearer uniforms for the Queen’s Baton Relay and provide 7,500 pillows for the Village. An enormous undertaking with Scottish industry playing a key role for the core operations of the Games.

Overall, Scotland’s 20 supported businesses employ around 1,000 people in Scotland of whom around 600 people are people with disabilities. This is vital trade with a much-welcomed boost to our economy and makes the most of our talented workforce. I hope to report of further business success stories soon in the lead up to Games time.

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