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Morgan Morris, inspire>aspire winner and Social Media Intern

Award winning Legacy 2014 Supporting Project participant wins a place to help connect inspired young people across the nation

I attend Waid Academy and we take part in the inspire>aspire poster awards programme programme, I worked on my poster from the start of the school year and we only completed them in March!

I won Gold 2nd prize out of 36,000 participants at their Award Ceremony on 16 of June in Glasgow and as a result I have gratefully accepted a week’s ‘Social Media Internship’ at their office in Cupar.

At the start of the week I was asked to create a social group on Facebook to connect past and present winners and finalists so that they can share their experience of participating in the programme and what they have been doing since winning their award.  By the end of the week I have a group with 55 members; I’ve promoted a filming opportunity to them, written a blog for ‘Legacy 2014’ and taken charge of their social media sites.

The theme of this programme was ‘Glasgow 2014’, there have been many opportunities for young people to become involved in ‘The Games’ through programmes like this, the Queens Baton Relays and volunteering while the games are on which I think will let them develop more skills in many areas.

A lot of inspiring young people from across Scotland have written about their ‘Vision for a better world’ on the inspire>aspire posters and my job was to try and get them to take action on this vision.  Why not join the group, like us on Facebook or follow us on twitter to see if we can all take action to create a better world together! and @InspireAspireCS

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