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Not far? Leave the car and feel better

Sport and physical activity / Environment
Did you know that mile for mile, short car trips create the most CO2 emissions? And a third of all car journeys in Scotland are under two miles.

It’s all too easy to get into the habit of using your car all the time. But whether it’s the school run, nipping to the shops for a pint of milk or visiting friends, many of us could easily walk or cycle instead.

By leaving the car, you’re not just cutting carbon emissions and helping the environment. All the evidence says you’ll feel better. And it’s free, too!

As well as giving you more energy, walking or cycling for short journeys can reduce stress, help you sleep better and even improve your digestion.

With the new Journeys iPhone app from Greener Scotland, it’s easy to see the benefits of walking or cycling.

The app gives you instant feedback on how many calories you’re burning and all the carbon emissions you’re saving. It can even give you an idea of how much better you’re feeling! 

Greener Scotland’s handy app is aimed at helping people make Scotland a cleaner, greener place. To download the free app visit the Apple Store. Or find out more at