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Mark Carney and Sir Richard Branson talk business

The Governor of the Bank of England and one of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs and business magnates are to speak at a high profile business conference in Glasgow, ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

Mark Carney and Sir Richard Branson will address an audience of more than 200 business CEOs and heads of Government at the Commonwealth Games Business Conference in July.

Trade within the Commonwealth is estimated at £300bn a year and the conference will look how this can be further developed in a way which ensures sustainable growth and gives a business return.

Sessions will focus on issues and opportunities common to all countries, such as employment and skills, infrastructure development, improving financial services for business and the development of the smart cities of the future.

The conference is being organised jointly by UK Trade & Investment, Scottish Enterprise, the Scottish Government, the UK Government and supported by the Commonwealth Business Council.  It will be held at the University of Glasgow on 22 and 23 July.

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