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Legacy 2014 Volunteer Support Pot now open

Volunteering / Glasgow 2014
Support available as successful volunteer applicants learn what role they will have at the Games.

The Legacy 2014 Volunteer Support Pot is now open. Created by Big Lottery Fund with support from Glasgow 2014 and the Scottish Government, the Legacy 2014 Volunteer Support Pot is a discretionary fund to help Scottish volunteers whose individual circumstances means they need assistance towards the cost of participating.

On the day when the first group of successful volunteer applicants learned what role they will have at the Games, they also discovered what they would be collectively known as.

Volunteers for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games will be known as the Clyde-siders. The name was chosen by the Glasgow 2014 frontrunners, the pre-Games volunteers who conducted all of the volunteer interviews.

Glasgow 2014 received a record-breaking 50,811 applications for up to 15,000 volunteer roles with the first offers going out to people for those roles where all interviews have been completed.

This is a gradual process, however, so people who do not hear straight away are urged to be patient as they could yet be part of the Games and interviews will continue until December.

The name is also a deliberate nod to the famous and historic river which runs through the heart of Glasgow and provides such a focal point for the city's residents.

Those applicants who are not successful still have plenty of opportunities to stay Involved with the Games and help ensure their success such as the Queen's Baton Relay and the Cultural programme.

For more information about the Legacy 2014 Volunteer Support Pot go to the Volunteer Development Scotland website and fill in the online form. The website also has case studies, guidance, and other useful information available to you. An application form can be sent directly or can be completed over the phone. It is easy and simply to apply. Anyone wanting to speak to member of the Volunteer Support Pot team can phone 01786 849771 for help, advice or further information.

Apply to the Legacy 2014 Volunteer Support Pot