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I left feeling like I could take on the world and be great at whatever I put my mind to

Khadijah Young , The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, 33Fifty Alumni, Common Purpose

It definitely feels like yesterday since I’ve met the amazing young persons of the 33Fifty programme in 2014.

I was inspired to apply by an amazing Youth Activist within the Bahamas who posted in a group urging all young Bahamians to apply and the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture agreeing to back the application with partial funding if the applicant was accepted. I eagerly awaited feedback to know if I was accepted or not and on the morning of April 10th I received an email with the word CONGRATULATIONS as the subject line and my day immediately got brighter.

I traveled night and day to get to Scotland, even sleeping in airports when flights were delayed because I knew this was something that would change my life and it surely did! During the programme, I was able to meet so many beautiful people with such beautiful minds. To be taken out of my usual environment simply made me stronger as a person and allowed me to appreciate different cultures in a new light, keeping in mind that we are definitely connected in many ways as a Commonwealth.

The highlight of the experience for me would have to be when we were put into groups to create a project. We were all from different countries and all had different ideas on what we wanted to see done. Our true leadership skills were able to shine when we realizing that being a leader allows you to know your way is not always the best way. Coming out of that discovery was an amazing plan and presentation. When a person unlocks something so small but yet so big it allows you to feel that you can take on the world and be great at whatever you put your mind to.

Since my amazing Scottish experience I have gone on to becoming the CARICOM Youth Ambassador for my country as well as an executive board member for the National Society of Leadership and Success, the College of the Bahamas Chapter. With this programme, I have become more culturally intelligent and with that so many doors were opened. If I had the chance I would do it over, and over and over again and urge the young persons of The Commonwealth to take advantage of this opportunity as it is life changing!