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How young people are shaping the future of sport

Mark Swan, member of Young People’s Sport Panel

Mark Swan, member of sportscotland's Young People’s Sport Panel, explains his role in steering the future of sport for young people in Scotland.

My name is Mark Swan and I am a current panellist on the Young People’s Sport Panel. The panel is made up of 16 young individuals, aged 15-24 from across Scotland, whom each obtain a far-reaching dedication and devotion to sport. Our aspiration is to raise the profile of sport whilst furthermore becoming actively engaged in shaping the future of sport for Scotland.
From a young age I have had a passion for sport. When the opportunity arose to become involved in enlivening Scotland as a leading nation of sport - in the biggest sporting year Scotland has ever encountered – I grasped the opportunity with both hands. It is now a heartfelt privilege to be recognised as a panellist, steering the future of sport for young people in Scotland in their desired direction.
As a panellist we can get actively involved by establishing our new ideas or by furthermore evolving legacy programs, such as young hub leaders and community sport hubs. As the panel is also in partnership with YoungScot, opportunities to utilise their expertise in interacting and networking with young people can help us in developing new ideas, such as establishing an innovative app.
By the end of my two-year spell as a panellist, I would like to look back and confidently say: I have made a difference. Sport has influenced me in becoming an increasingly confident and creative individual. On the back of my experiences; I now strive to ensure the young people of Scotland encounter the same psychological and physical benefits of getting involved in sport that I have experienced, all through my life.
Fundamentally it is our goal to get young people actively involved in sport, regardless of where you’re from, or who you are. And it is our enthusiasm on the panel that will transform our goals into realities. 

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