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Exciting times ahead for Leadership Programme graduate

Dalisu Jiwara , Youth Leadership Programme attendee

Dalisu Jiwara from South Africa was one of 100 young leaders to take part in the 33Fifty: The Commonwealth Youth Leadership Programme in Scotland on the eve of the Games. Here he explains his experience and the new opportunities ahead for his career.

In July 2014, myself and 99 other young leaders from various Commonwealth countries attended a Global Leader Experience in Scotland.

33Fifty was a gathering of some of the brightest young minds the Commonwealth has to offer. We all had to seek ways in which young individuals could play a meaningful role towards creating low carbon economies.

The experience involved traveling from Glasgow to Edinburgh in order to solve the challenge. We met various stakeholders from Scottish Government agencies and the private sector. My group conceptualized a youth-led green initiative called ‘The Barefoot Movement’.  I took inspiration from my time with companies such as Barclays and Scottish Water.

33Fifty ended after intense deliberations, consultations with experienced leaders and group presentations. I was quite fortunate to be selected as one of the 11 individuals who would stay on board in order to summarise our findings and present them at the Commonwealth Games Business Conference and at the Dumfries House Estate to HRH The Duke of Rothesay.

As a recent graduate from the University of Cape Town, my education and 33Fifty experience has given me the ability to locate myself within a global context.

At the Dumfries House Estate event, I met Pauline Lafferty the Group HR Director of the Weir Group as well as Keith Cochrane the Group CEO. I was able to thank them  for their generous sponsorship, and thereafter discussed the finer details of our deliberations and solutions towards deepening the green economy across the world.

I had recently been given the opportunity to work as an investment banker in South Africa, but opted to also have interviews with the Weir Group and explore my options. I was offered a graduate role in the Strategy and Corporate Development team of Weir, and I look forward to making a seminal contribution not only in Weir but also in Scotland, which will soon be my new home.

33Fifty accelerated my ability to meet a globally reputable company. I met amazing individuals, and secured the opportunity of a lifetime.

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