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Commonwealth Games Youth Summit

Haylie Crosbie, young leader

Blog / Young People
Haylie Crosbie, aged 18, talks about her community involvement in Dumfries; being a young leader and how much she’s looking forward to this weekend’s Commonwealth Games Youth Summit.

I volunteer on a Monday night as a young leader to provide peer support to those with disabilities and additional support needs. I empower young people in their relationships when they don’t know how to respond or react but I am also there for young people if they just want to chat! I am also involved in group called Global Education where we discuss and explore different cultures and global issues.  We then discuss people’s opinions and plan and organise workshops to provide the group and young people in the community to deliver them and raise awareness of that issue.

As part of my work, I was fortunate enough to be nominated and chosen to carry the Queen’s Baton as part of the Commonwealth baton relay.

I am excited for the opportunity of being chosen to attend the Youth Summit simply because it sounds interesting and it’s something I want to gain more knowledge about. It is an amazing opportunity to meet new people and become friends and also a great opportunity to gain new skills, get involved within the community to try make change happen. It’s also something that sounds fun and enjoyable but also educational to what’s going on worldwide.

This for me will be a once in a life time opportunity.  And as a result, I hope to take my youth summit experience back to my community to deliver workshops to young people and get more young people involved in raising awareness of issues in the world.  And also to help sustain my leadership, as I would be taking the lead on planning and organising different workshops for young people.

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