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Commonwealth Connections

Kirsty McLullich, Vision Africa

The countdown to the Glasgow 2014 Games is on and there are now less than 3 months to go to the event that will put Scotland on the map.

Vision AfricaAs a Scot living and working in Kenya, I think The Games are a great opportunity for Scottish and Kenyan children to exchange information and learn about the similarities as well as the differences between the two cultures.

For example did you know that in Kenya there is a dish called “dundero” which is similar to haggis?

And on a recent tour of schools in Scotland I found many children were surprised to hear that Kenya has a Rugby Sevens team that will be competing in the Games.

These are some of the things that can be learned through Vision Africa’s Commonwealth Connections programme.

Vision Africa has supported disadvantaged children and youths in Kenya for twelve years and over this time we have built links between our projects and schools in Scotland.

Children at Kandara Children's Home in KenyaThis year we have pulled together resources which allow students to exchange information, learn about each other’s culture and communicate to create long lasting links.

Vision Africa is working to ensure that the Commonwealth Connections go on beyond when the Games end.


Kirsty McLullich, Vision Africa

Vision Africa is a Supporting Legacy 2014 project. 

Find out more about Vision Africa's work at Kandara's Children's Home (pictured right) and Ezra's story.  Ezra has been accepted to represent Kenya at the 33Fifty Commonwealth Youth Leadership Programme which takes place in July.