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Behind the scenes as Support a 2nd Team goes to the Games

Aidan Harkins and Rosie Revell, Dancers

Young people from across Scotland are representing their local communities' support for Commonwealth teams. Aiden and Rosie explain how they're involved.

We arrived from every end of the country not knowing what to expect or who the others were - little did we know that in a few days time we would be having the time of our lives and making some close friends too!

Everyone of us is performing a role at the Opening Ceremony linked to the Support a 2nd Team initiative but we are sworn to secrecy on our actual roles until after the Opening Ceremony is complete. Within a few hours of arriving at our University accommodation we were on our way to Celtic Park and chatting and cheering like old school friends.

When we arrived at our first rehearsal and into the field of play we were astounded and amazed by its vast size and spectacle. Huge pieces of set were flying past us, cameras were speeding around and the loud boom of the music combined with the chatter all added to the "buzz" so many of us felt. The crew and choreographers were unbelievably prepared and professional in their dealing with the thousands of cast all needing direction.

In just a few hours we had blocked and rehearsed almost half of the show. It was here that we realised just how important our job was. It was nerve-wracking to think of how much responsibility we held in the 2014 opening ceremony.

Before we knew it, Saturday arrived and we were walking out into our first dress rehearsal in front of the 15,000 strong Clydesiders. The roar and cheer of the crowd seemed to melt away the nerves and turn them into feelings of pride and joy. Seeing every part of the show come together and link in with each other was amazing to watch. Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, stars and celebrities dotted the show making the audience cheer and roar. In the blink of an eye, the first dress rehearsal was over and we were heading back to our accommodation cheering and chatting all the way. We found it hard to get to sleep that night. Everyone was so excited for the opening and elated that the run had gone so well.

We now can't wait to open the XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. It really does make you proud to be Scottish but also proud to be part of an even bigger family - the Commonwealth family.

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