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A great opportunity to get involved

Young Scot Youth Legacy Ambassadors,

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Youth Legacy Ambassadors have been very active during Legacy Week. Here are a couple of YLAs telling their story.

Sabina Jedrzejczyk"I became a Young Scot Youth Legacy Ambassador last year and since then many opportunities have arisen. Ever since I started to be a YLA, I have spent a lot of time talking to my friends and family about healthy eating and how being active is very important, and have encouraged them to try out some of the sporting activities to try and eat five fruit and vegetables a day. I became more interested in getting involved in a lot of things and helping out within my local authority. I have also become more interested in sport."

"I went to the Young Scot Awards and became inspired by the Youth Legacy Ambassadors from Shetland, who won the environmental award for their sustainable legacy projects. I have also attended meetings and conferences, in which I had training on how to overcome the fear of public speaking. I have also attended a course on Developing Decision Making Skills and have been awarded 1 Credit at Level Two. Along with that I was able to apply 50 hours of volunteering for a Saltire Award. In my local authority the other Youth Legacy Ambassadors and I have developed ideas for our own projects. These projects are called 'Don't Change Yourself, Embrace Yourself' and 'Healthy Eating, Healthy Mind, Healthy Life Project'. I am taking part in both of these but the project that I'm leading is 'Healthy Eating, Healthy Mind, Healthy Life Project'."

Sabina Jedrzejczyk, Young Scot Youth Legacy Ambassador from Midlothian


Ruraidh Stewart

"A couple of months Young Scot, amongst seven other organisations representing a wide cross section of the Scottish community, participated in a process to select the batonbearers for the Glasgow 2014 Queen’s Baton Relay (QBR)."

"Through the Youth Legacy Ambassadors (YLA) Program that is run by Young Scot individuals were asked to register to be a part of this unique opportunity to assist in selecting batonbearers." 

"Being a Young Scot Youth Legacy Ambassadors has opened so many opportunities available to me and the rest of the Youth Legacy Ambassadors. It is a great way to gain hours for schemes such as the Saltire Award, and we also have been awarded with accredited training on various topics, which will help us with our personal statements."

To conclude I think that Youth Legacy Ambassadors is a great opportunity to get involved with the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games."

Ruraidh Stewart, Young Scot Youth Legacy Ambassador from Highland

Learn more about becoming a Youth Legacy Ambassador – Young Scot website