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33Sixty Leadership Programme - It's time to explore the challenge

Louise Hughes, 33Sixty Leadership Programme, Common Purpose

I have recently completed the Common Purpose 33Sixty Leadership Course in Glasgow. 33Sixty was an incredible, unforgettable experience.

This course invited young people from across the Commonwealth to Glasgow to explore the challenge of “How do we create a step change in the way the private, public and not-for-profit sectors work together?” Working on this challenge over the duration of the course has increased my knowledge of the private sector, the importance of networking and sharing assets in the community. The group comprised of 100 young people from completely different backgrounds and cultures. I started the week intimidated and nervous about what the week was going to entail. I then was panicking about how I would be able to do a presentation at the end of the week on something I knew very little about.

The first day was great, although I was tired afterwards. The second and third days involved going to visit projects from across all sectors which was a fantastic experience. I learned so much through those meetings. Being part of such a large group with people from all over the Commonwealth was challenging for me, as it is something I am not used to. I was out with my comfort zone initially although I soon overcame that and felt comfortable participating.

I gained a better understanding of how community work is carried out within these cultures, cultural inelegance and what issues other cultures face. I also gained a lot of confidence and presentation skills. At the end of the course, I had the privilege of attending the CSC Leaders Reception at the University of Glasgow, this gave me the opportunity to network and meet senior leaders from across the Commonwealth who had been exploring the same challenge.

33Sixty was a life changing course, which has gave me the drive and motivation to achieve my goals in life. I now feel more capable of engaging with senior leaders and those who would have previously intimidated me. I have gained more confidence, not only with presenting in front of large groups but within myself.

I would like to thank Young Scot for all of the support they have gave me over the years throughout various projects and for putting me forward for such an amazing course.

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