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2 years on from The Games, and still the same buzz!

Edward Fitzpatrick, Active East Volunteer

I could talk about all the amazing times I've had, all the amazing people I have met, but instead I have picked one moment of Active East- the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

This moment will always be cherished, not only whilst Active East is around, but all the way throughout my life. Not many people can say they got the opportunity to carry the Commonwealth Baton.

The games were just one magical moment on to the next. I got to meet Sir Chris Hoy at a BBC event during games time. When I met Sir Chris Hoy I was just standing in front of him like a kid seeing their favourite super hero but before I got to say how amazing he was and how much a role model he is, he said to me "the work you guys do is incredible, you are such a role model, keep it up" . This was 2 years ago and those words have still never fully registered in my mind, how one of the biggest role models in probably the world can say that I am a role model is just amazing!

2 years on from the commonwealth games and there is still the same buzz. I still feel myself bringing it up in conversations when meeting people, the 2014 games atmosphere is still around. The commonwealth games feel, atmosphere and buzz still exists, and this just shows how amazing one event can be. As a young person,  the day of the open ceremony and the start of the games Glasgow lit up the city, it became the light and to this day I still feel the light of the games, 2 years on and still ‘People make Glasgow’.

The wonderful experience of being part of the games I feel, has motivated me and led me to where I am today. Youth work is a big part of my life and I was lucky that through my volunteering I was able to have a big role in the games- performing in the closing ceremony, meeting athletes, running events, getting the chance to get free tickets to different sports. From the games, I was given amazing life changing moments through Active East and I now want to be part of the legacy by giving back to other young people through youth work and sport and physical activity.

For more information visit Scottish Sports Futures.